Because of our expertise in automotive, Mazda of Canada’s “Summer Escape Event” was the perfect opportunity for us to present a completely new concept. Instead of a cash incentive, we proposed a program for new buyers that would speak to the “Driving Matters” brand positioning while dovetailing off of their summer event. Our concept? Let’s give every new Mazda buyer a reason to drive: a true summer escape. Each new vehicle purchase was accompanied by a complimentary two-night stay at one of 50 hotels we procured across Canada, making the journey as exciting as the destination.


Following Mazda’s branding of “Driving Matters,” our program sought to link the car purchasing experience with great hotels and taking the road trip of a lifetime. Since no one should need a laptop on a road trip, we developed a user-friendly, mobile-first experience. This allowed customers to simply grab their smart phone, select a hotel, jump into their new Mazda, pop the destination into their GPS and hit the road.